Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yellow Belt!

Here's a photo of my Sammy-Man being presented with his yellow belt in taekwondo earlier this evening. He was so excited. To earn this belt, he had to learn a 10-step hand/blocking form, an 8-step kicking form, and a 12-step form. Actually, he has been doing so well that they required him to learn a 20-step form in addition to the 12-step form. He is the only 6 year old that they have who learned the 20-step; it is usually only required of the older kids and adults. He's just awesome!

He really loves his taekwondo class. I think he practices every day, on his own, without being asked. He likes to be my instructor. He tells me things like, "Mommy, you are going to practice your 12-step two times and then I will teach you the 20-step." Then he critques me using the same words Instructor John (the man on the left) does. Instructor John says, "good" and "no good" a lot. He'll also tell me to snap it, use more power, or to sharpen it up. Did I tell you he loves his taekwondo class?

BTW, the other man standing in front of Sammy, is Master Park. He's the guy in charge.

While my son is charging along getting his yellow belt, Mommy is stuck on her second stripe on her white belt. I need two more stripes to test for yellow. I'm almost there.

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Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

That's so wonderful! I'm glad you have found something he loves to do. I can just imagine him playing instructor! You haven't been doing it as long as he has, so two white stripes is great for your time in :)