Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First day at the YMCA Homeschool Program

Today is the day. It is the first day at the YMCA homeschool program.

Prior to today, the kids were participating in the regular classes that take place in the evenings. That turned out to be a major headache and nothing went well. You can read about it on my here if you really want to.

So we decided to try out the homeschool pe program. It's already been a fiasco because I signed up to be a volunteer in hopes I could help my daughter overcome her fear of water (a fear that the regular classes did NOT help). However, they did not tell me all of the details of volunteering up front.

They told me that I would have an hour to work out before or after my volunteer time. Then they called me last Friday to tell me that they were wrong and I'd only get half an hour. Plus that half hour must be immediately before or after the class I'm volunteering for. I was hoping to do my workout during the older kids' gymnastics class which begins half an hour after their swimming ends. This means my older two kids would have to be with me during my workout because they are not allowed to be unsupervised. Then they told me that I would only be allowed 5 minutes for getting dressed. That's not possible...I have a kid that moves at half the speed of a turtle. I would end up spending half of my workout time in the locker rooms!

Add all of that nonsense to the fact that I have serious concerns about putting my 10 month old in the nursery to begin with and it just doesn't sound too appealing. We generally don't put our children in childcare of any kind until they are ready. Our experience has been that that generally happens around 12-18 months depending on the child. We want our children to enjoy their time in the nursery not crying hysterically because we left them with strangers. I don't know the YMCA nursery staff (we don't even leave our infants with the church nursery where we know the nursery staff) and the nursery was filthy the day I visited it to check it out.

My husband and I talked about it over the weekend and decided it wasn't worth it. So, I called them last night to tell them that I wouldn't be volunteering after all. I had to leave a message because they didn't answer. So I'm nervous about how the day is going to go. I'm worried about how I'm going to be treated since I expressed my dissatisfactions and dropped out of volunteering at the last minute (not that they gave me much time with only giving me the details a couple days ago even though they had my application over a month ago). I'm nervous about how my daughter is going to be treated in the pool without me in the pool with her directly supervising. Since I'm not volunteering in the pool, I'll have to be at the side of the pool monitoring how she is treated and taught (so not to make her fears worse like the evening program did) while trying to keep a baby out of the pool.

One of the gymnastics coaches told me that the homeschool gymnastics program is a step down from the evening program. My daughter is hoping to get on their preteam/team group but it doesn't sound likely based on what the coach told me. So I'm concerned about this as well.

It should't be boring!

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Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

I hope things go well with the homeschool program. A friend of mine really enjoys the Y, but then again she doesn't do organized classes. They just swim and work out.