Thursday, January 31, 2008

13 Cute Things About Josh

I totally forgot it was Thursday so I'm doing an easy one... 13 cute things about my youngest...11 month old Joshua.

1. Whenever you figure out what he wants, Joshua lets out the cutest little giggle. Here's a common example. After running around and playing, he'll come over to where I'm sitting on the couch and start whining. When I finally pay attention to him and ask him, "Do you want to nurse," he giggles. That's his version of "heck yeah!"

2. Joshua gives tons and tons of kisses. He understands the words, "Give mama a kiss," and has for quite a while. I know he does because he'll suddenly lunge forward and plant his lips on me. I had to teach him to be gentle with his kisses after I got a few fat lips from him.

3. Joshua tries to make kissy noises when he kisses you too. He doesn't quite get it right which makes it much cuter.

4. Joshua likes to give raspberries in the middle of a series of kisses. It goes like this: kiss, kiss, kiss, raspberry, kiss, raspberry, raspberry, kiss, kiss, kiss... They are quite slobbery too.

5. Everytime I change Josh's diaper, I lay him down on the changing table and hand him the new diaper. Without fail, he'll give me a sly, little grin and toss it over the edge.

6. Josh is growing into an animal lover like his sister. He just adores the cats way more than they adore him. (Isn't that always the case with babies and cats?) He does pet them very gently. He also allows the dogs to give him kisses...on the lips...yuck!

7. When Josh is very tired, sometimes he'll do the funniest thing. He crawls over to the bottom of the stairs and drapes himself on the bottom couple of stairs (pointing up) and whines, "Nigh-nigh-nigh-nigh." It's pretty obvious what he wants.

8. He has the cutest smile. See photo above. Don't you agree? The cool thing about being his mother is that I get to see that smile all the time because he is almost always happy.

9. He copies everything we do. You know how they say our babies watch and learn from us. Well, it is true. See this post about him dunking his cookie into my milk. He's only 11 months old!

10. He loves music. From a very early age (not that he isn't still young), he bops to the beat. Just this morning I caught him listening to this musical fish toy that he has.

First he pushed the button to start the music.

Then he put the fish to his ear to listen. He repeated this sequence over and over and over.

11. He thinks daddy is a bottle of lotion. Not really but every time I walk into Scott's office holding Josh he points to some stickers on a shelf where a bottle of lotion resides. For the longest time, we thought he was pointing to the lotion. Now we know he wants to point to Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Eeyore, the butterfly, the cheetah, and the puppies over and over and over again. (The kids put the stickers there with Daddy's permission.)

12. He loves his big sister and big brother. He sometimes even reaches for Mika to hold him when I'm holding him. Can you believe that? There are times when he wants his sister more than his mother! He likes to beat up, torture, and terrorize his big brother who doesn't know what to do about it.

13. He's a pretty good listener. When he picks up something he's not suppose to have and I see it, I can tell him to "give it to Mommy," and he will. If he walks away from me towards a place he's not suppose to (like walking towards the pool at Mika's and Sammy's swim class today), I can call him back and he'll turn around and come back. Yes, I know I should cherish this because it will change soon.

As an added bonus, I'll list a few not-so-cute things about Josh.

1. He screeches when he's happy. It's ear-piecing.

2. He screeches when he's unhappy. Like when he doesn't want you to take something away from him. I have better luck asking him for it back than taking it.

3. He removes most of the DVD's and VHS tapes from the shelf multiple times a day. He's learning to take the DVDs and tapes out of the containers now

4. He tries to steal the dogs' food when they are eating. They don't like that about him. They have no problems stealing sharing his food.

5. He bites when he nurses.

6. He puts his foot in my face when he nurses.

7. Sometimes he pinches my arm when he nurses.

8. He loves water. He plays in the dogs' water bowl at least once a day making a mess on the floor and drenching his clothes.

9. He loves water. He has figured out how to get the water out of his sippy cup and likes to make puddles on the coffee table to play with. If he's too lazy to stand at the coffee table, he'll dump it all over himself or the carpet.

10. He thinks everything in the house belongs to him, including photo frames, glasses, remote controls, video game controllers, your food, your drink. You get the picture?

11. He likes removing tissue from the bathroom trash can and adding it to my bath or shower.

12. He thinks the toilet lid is something he is suppose to slam back and forth between the back of the toilet and my back when I'm using the toilet.

13. He can walk. That means he can reach a lot more stuff faster than before which keeps us on our toes. See #10.


Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

He sounds like a great kid (even after the not-so-cute And yes, he does have the cutest smile!

Amber Gilchrist said...

The boy was, and still is, a screamer too. His favorite thing was to take every book off our giantic built-in book case over and over. What a cutie you've got.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Awww, don't the first 13 make the last 13 worth the trouble? :D