Wednesday, January 2, 2008

WFMW - Flavoring Soup

Every Thanksgiving I like to cook up a 20+ pound turkey for our family of 5. This gives me enough leftover turkey for a couple of days worth of leftovers/sandwiches and about 6-7 pots of turkey noodle soup. I don't consider myself a great soup maker and often have trouble getting the flavoring right. It's just bland. After trying a new recipe, I got my solution to making tasty noodle soup. I add salsa to all my homemade noodle soups now. I usually make a large pot of soup...a stock pot about 3/4 I normal would. To that I add about a cup of medium salsa towards the end of the cooking time. The amount isn't an exact science; just add more or less to taste. After adding the salsa, all I have to check is the salt. I love how it adds tons of flavor easily, adds a little spice, and it tastes great. That and my kids (ages 6 and almost 8) love soup this way.
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Amy said...

What an interesting seasoning idea. Would never have thought of this, but I'm sure it tastes great! Thanks for the tip b/c my soups never taste right either!