Sunday, January 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ January 21, 2008

Last week didn't go as planned at all. My week was way too busy and things got pushed around and a few just didn't happen at all. I started off well; the Apple Dijon Pork Roast on Monday was delicious. My husband and I enjoyed it and my kids liked the pork without the sauce. Tuesday is our busy day and I was crazy to think I was going to pull off homemade lasagna. I pushed it to Wednesday and we had the Turkey Meatloaf instead. My kids didn't like it because it had green things (bell peppers) in it. I thought it was good and wouldn't mind eating it again. Wednesday didn't end up working for the lasagna either so I pushed it to Saturday, the birthday celebration day. Thursday we had the Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. I liked it. My husband thought it was missing something. My kids ate the chicken without the mushrooms. Friday I ended up grabbing tortellini and Alfredo sauce on the way home from taekwondo class because I forgot to get the slow cooker started. Saturday didn't work for the lasagna...again...because of a full day decorating and putting on my daughter's birthday party. My dad bought us KFC instead which is one of my daughter's favorites. Finally, today we had the lasagna and boy was it good. I follow the basic idea of a recipe on the pasta box only I double the cheese. WE LOVE CHEESE.

This week is easy. My husband is going out of town for four days so it's me and the kids and no Weight Watchers points. I'm just wanting to relax after over a month of stress and craziness.

Monday: Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches that I didn't make last week with oven fries.
Tuesday: Leftover Lasagna and a salad
Wednesday: Pancakes and Eggs
Thursday: Lasagna Rolls
Friday: Homemade Popcorn Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
Saturday: Steak (we have a couple of filet Mignon my dad bought us...yum!) and Baked Potatoes
Sunday: Jeannie-O Butter Herb Turkey Tenderloin with Wild Rice, a veggie, and salad

I cool thing about this menu is that I don't have to buy a single grocery item this week. I have literally everything we need already.

The lasagna rolls are simply a creation I made up using leftover lasagna ingredients that wouldn't fit in the pan. I took a cooked lasagna noodle and laid it flat. I placed about a tablespoon of ricotta cheese mixture (ricotta cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan, parsley, egg, salt mixed for the lasagna) on the noodle and spread it out. Then I sprinkled some mozzarella over the top of that...about a 1/4 cup each, maybe less...then I sprinkled a little Parmesan on top of that. Then I rolled them up and placed them in a pan seam side down. After I made them all, I ladled some spaghetti sauce on top of each and sprinkled some more mozzarella on top for garnish. Then I put the pan in the freezer for a later date...which ended up being just a few days from now. I'll let you know how they came out.

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Cyndi said...

How great that you already have everything on hand. And it all looks so yummy! Have a great week!

Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

You have an award over at my blog. Please stop by & enjoy :)