Friday, January 25, 2008

Kids Say the Strangest Things

Last month, we took our children to see The Sound of Music at a local playhouse. My daughter LOVED it. Despite it being 3 hours long and not ending until 11pm, she was wide awake and enthralled. When I told her that there was a movie as well, she asked to see it. I bought it for her because I've been wanting a copy of it for a long time anyway. She watched it right away. Again, she sat through the whole thing. I figured she'd probably lose interest in it soon enough. I was wrong.

My 8 year old daughter is watching The Sound of Music as I type. I told her I was surprised she was watching it. She said, "Well, I did say if I don't watch it right now I'm going to blow up!" How's that for drama queen?


Scott said...

That's my girl!

Mo said...

That's great! My girls love that move too.