Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Want a Kiss?

We just got back from a follow up doctor's appointment for Joshua. He's had a bladder infection for almost a month now. He refused to swallow the first antibiotic prescribed so it didn't work. Then he was put on a different one. He took that one fine. Today he had leukocytes (white blood cells indicating inflammation) in his urine so they are sending it in for a culture. We'll know in a couple of days if he still has a bladder infection. With leukocytes in his urine, I'm expecting that he will.

On top of that, he came down with a stuffy nose yesterday...thanks to all the wonderful church mommas who so kindly shared their child's illness with us. There is a written policy at church stating that sick kids should not be brought to church and that they won't be allowed in class/nursery if they have __________. Despite that, Scott and I find that we are wiping up green snotty noses from 1-4 kids each week in the infant nursery (we stay with Josh and help out). With Josh being sick with one thing or another for that past 3 months, I sure wish that parents would follow the guidelines and that the church would enforce their own policy.

While we were at the doctor, we asked him to check Sammy out. He's complained a couple of times about his throat hurting. Other than that, he has looked or acted sick. Well, he has strep.

So, wanna kiss? I'm sure either Josh or Sammy would love to oblige.

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