Saturday, December 22, 2007

Salvation Army Giving Tree

Visiting our local Salvation Army Giving Tree is becoming a family tradition for us. We've done it for several years; now we take the kids and let them each choose a tag. Being children, they prefer to find a child of similar age and gender as themselves. Then we go shopping for the item wished for and return it to the volunteer manning the tree to give to the child on our behalf. We are thankful that we can give a five year old boy a play dough center and nine year old girl a vanity set for Christmas. Fortunately, the kids' tags are nearly all gone.

Our local tree needs people to pick up senior tags. There were many still left on the table. These men and women usually ask for something simple: some gloves, a hat, bed sheets, or a book. There is still time; the trees are up until Christmas Eve.

If you can, would you consider venturing out into the crowds to bless someone in need this Christmas?

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