Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Beautiful Decluttered Table

Only 10 days left until Christmas and I still haven't gotten all the decorations up yet! Normally, I like to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving but I haven't been the least big motivated this year. I found a little bit of motivation today.

There's this blog I like. In fact, I think it was the first blog I ever found and read. It's called I'm an Organizing Junkie. Every so often (twice a year, I think), she holds a 30 Day Organizational Challenge where all the participants take 30 days to organize either a whole room or a small space. Then they post before and after pictures and answer some questions on their blogs for all to see. The winners get some cool prizes and my awe at their wonderful, new, organized spaces. Well, I didn't have a blog so I couldn't participate in the contest. Today I was thinking about the most recent challenge and thought I'd challenge myself to a Super Small Space Organization Challenge and post about it for motivation. So, here's my side table:

This is the before photo: This table is a magnet for just about anything. It's also where two of our three laptops get placed when not in use. In the space between the couch and the table, there's a bunch of paper trash that missed the can and a huge tangle of laptop cords.

Here's the after photo with our little Nativity set up. Isn't it just beautiful!

Here is an overview of the whole area. Each basket holds a laptop and its cord. No more tangled mess of cords! The baskets are from the dollar idea I got from Laura, the Organizing Junkie. Thanks Laura!

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Laura said...

That's fantastic!! Awesome solution to hide the laptops so they aren't an eyesore on your table. Well done! Thanks so much for reading my blog, I'm thrilled that I was able to help in some small way.

Many blessings to you,