Thursday, December 27, 2007

13 Things About My Wonderful Husband

I decided to do an additional Thursday Thirteen post. A bonus thirteen! How cool is that?

13 Wonderful Things About My Husband

1. He knows and accepts that PMS is a real thing.

2. He knows and accepts that I'm really, really, really distractable and forgetful. He may make fun of me but he doesn't hold it against me....too much.

3. He totally supports me homeschooling the kids and gently helps us get back on track when my distractable self gets us off track.

4. He supports my many adventures into new and exciting hobbies even though he knows that it is probably just a passing fad and all that new stuff I bought will start collecting dust after the next new and exciting hobby discovery is made. At least it keeps me busy!

5. He cooks dinner sometimes even though he has just gotten home from work and I've been home all day with the kids. It seems so backwards but I get tired, bored, and/or unmotivated sometimes and he's a pretty good cook.

6. He does laundry when my distractable self forgets that the mountain in our bedroom is actually dirty clothes that need to be washed. (Now I just need to train him to fold, hang, and put it all away...Shhhhh.)

7. He's a great dad...taking the kids on special dates, playing GameCube with them, enjoying board games with the kids, rough housing, teasing, teaching, going on field trips with us, being the "mean parent" (but not too much), etc. etc. etc.

8. He works hard to pay the bills, feed us, house us, clothe us, buy everything we need, support my many adventures into new and exiting hobbies....

9. He loves animals ALMOST as much as my daughter and I do and will remember that when it is time to add to our zoo. : )

10. He enjoys fixing my computer every time I break it...I mean every time it breaks all by itself, with no help from me whatsoever.

11. He supports natural homebirth, attachment parenting, child-wearing, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding.

12. He supports me going to weekly ACA meetings every Monday (and watches the kids) and bi-annual, 4-day retreats (and watches the kids) so I can stay somewhat sane.

13. He gave me permission to post this photo of my surprise stocking stuffer to him. I love it when he plays along with my silliness.

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Scott said...

My response (not valid in all 50 states, please check rules for availability and eligibility):

1. Like I have any choice. ;-)
2. May? I do make fun of you. I do.
3. True.
4. Decent summary...however my hope is that some will not become just a passing fad.
5. I do, and I am when I want to be.
6. Ummm...was good up until the parentheses.
7. Thanks.
8. :-)
9. The other kind of boxer. And minus a couple cats.
10. Not true. I'll fix it when you actually ask instead of merely complain. Those other times I ignore the hints. Remember thankfulness. ;-)
11. Yes. I do.
12. It is necessary for my survival.
13. Didn't mean you HAD to post it. Not the worst of my pics, though.

Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

That was a great blog! I bet Jim would love it if I posted something like that about him. He would have loved Spider-man boxers too. He's really big on spider-man...he has a collection!