Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Josh Loves to Point

Josh, my nine month old, has a new trick; he loves to point. At everything. Sometimes we think he knows each person in our family by name. It goes like this:

"Josh, where's Mika?"

He looks around and points to Mika.

"Josh, where's Sammy?"

He turns and points to Sammy.

"Josh, where's Zack?"

He turns and points to one of the dogs.

"Josh, where's Daddy?"

He turns again and points to the bottle of lotion.

Oh, well. Maybe next week.

What we do know is that he points to things that he wants. Like in this photo, he wants another bite of sandwich. He pointed to the plate every time he was done swallowing the previous bite. It was pretty obvious what he wanted.

Josh knows how to communicate other things as well. We know he hates dirty diapers. Each time he needs a new one, he crawls over to me and starts bugging me. I mean really bugging me. Stupid me usually doesn't get it. Finally, my brain kicks in and I check his diaper. Yup! He needs a new one. He is also pretty obvious about when he wants food, to nurse, to sleep, to be picked up, and other important things.

Who says babies can't talk? They just speak a different language and we, as parents, need to learn it.

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