Friday, December 28, 2007's a Surprise!

It is days like this that makes me wish I wasn't so much of distracted procrastinator. If I were just distractable, I'd probably be less behind. If I were only a procrastinator, I'd probably be doing ok. It's when you put it all together that I get into trouble.

Today I'm working on a birthday surprise for my son that has to be done before 2pm tomorrow. I also have to go to the grocery store, find a present, wrap a bunch of presents, decorate, cook dinner, take Sammy to taekwondo, buy DVD-RWs, burn a DVD, and take care of three children while I do all this.

I've been on hold for 28 minutes trying to get an answer to a technical question on a program I'm trying to use to complete said surprise and I just don't have time for this because...see first paragraph.

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