Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

My baby turned one today! It's been a full year, that's for sure. Here's a recap:

  1. Josh was born 2 weeks late. No matter what we did, he wouldn't come out.
  2. He was a big boy, weighing at 9lb 4oz.
  3. He's still a big boy; he weighs about 24-25 pounds and wears between 18-24 months clothing.
  4. Two weeks later, he developed his first fever leading us to the ER.
  5. We didn't come home for 8 days.
  6. He had a kidney infection.
  7. And RSV.
  8. It was heartbreaking watching him lay there on oxygen, struggling to breathe, and unable to eat.
  9. But he got better and regained the pound he had lost
  10. He began sitting unsupported at 4 months.
  11. One day when he was 4 months old, he insisted on drinking from my water bottle.
  12. He's loved water ever since, especially if it is in a water bottle or grown up glass.
  13. He began eating at 4 months old.
  14. He began eating table food around the same time; he'd get furious with us if we withheld our food from him.
  15. He has always had a special fondness for his big sister.
  16. He loves to terrorize his big brother.
  17. He began crawling around 6 months old.
  18. But he never crawled normally; he crawls on one knee and one foot.
  19. His favorite activity is removing every DVD, VHS tape, and GameCube game off the shelf.
  20. He began walking at 10 months old.
  21. Now he walks like it is nothing.
  22. His ability to communicate nonverbally is amazing; we almost always know what he wants.
  23. He giggles when you verify what he wants by asking him and you've gotten it right; it is his way of saying, "Yes."
  24. He has the greatest smile.
  25. He loves the GameCube and can't be fooled if you give him a controller that isn't plugged in; he'll try to plug it in.
  26. He loves the cats; the cats don't love him.
  27. The dogs love him because he'll give them any snack that he doesn't want.
  28. He walked 2 laps on the the indoor track at the YMCA 2 days ago.
  29. He also climbs...the dog, people, the couch.
  30. He can climb to the top of our stairs before we know he is missing.
  31. Then he stands at the top making a sound that seems to mean, "Mom, I'm ready to come down now. Please come get me."
  32. He also knows how to get off our bed without getting hurt.
  33. He refuses to wear shoes; he cries loudly and shakes his feet violently trying to remove them. He seems unable to stand or walk while wearing shoes.
  34. He figured out that he can stand in the grocery cart seat today.
  35. And wouldn't sit no matter what I did so I had to carry him.
  36. He's my favorite child.
  37. Actually, they are all my favorite child.

Happy Birthday Josh!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Shadowfur said...

Yah. He LOVES me. If I try to get him to go to Daddy, he chooses me instead.

Suswan said...

Of course he loves Mika. He knows a pretty girl when he sees one. :-D