Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guess I'm Right

Mary over at 4boys4me posted her results to this little quiz. Since I have no clue who to vote for I thought I'd see what results I'd come up with. Obviously, I lean to the right. Now to figure out who to vote for. I was planning on voting for Rudy but he withdrew. With the Super Tuesday results, it looks like I'll be voting for someone I don't like regardless of which way I go.

I dislike politics in general. In fact, I'm likely to not vote at all because I've come to believe that my vote doesn't matter anyway, especially in this state where the liberal left in Seattle rules. There are just not enough conservatives in the entire rest of the state to overcome the results of Seattle's votes. It isn't uncommon to see a conservative issue winning the vote only to be overturned when they count Seattle's vote. It's disheartening to see every issue I'm interested in overturned when they count Seattle and to watch more and more and more of our family's income go to taxes. Then there's the whole baseball stadium issue; after the voters turned it down, the state came in and built it anyway. So, rather than paying this tax to pay for a stadium, we pay that tax for a stadium. Apparently, our votes didn't count. Apparently, we really did want to pay for the stadium. NOT! Then there's our car tabs. We voted for a much reduced flat-rate car tab (yea! Sometime I wanted passed!) but the state government has been slowly tacking on additional fees. We voted for a $30 flat rate car tab. So why do I pay over $80 every year? Even our current govenor is up for debate. The last race was close, so close it required a manual recount. During the recount, they found prisoners' votes, duplicate votes, dead people voting, dogs voting, etc. Military votes from oversees weren't counted. The recount called into question the validity of the results, especially when our current govenor came in from behind to ultimate win the race by a mere 8 votes. (She lost the original vote by 261 votes and the machine recount by 42 votes).

It boils down to this: Washington state has taught me that my vote doesn't matter. Any time I do vote, I watch the results and see every single issue and every single person I voted for lose. So, why bother?

As far as my quiz results go? I'm not excited about McCain, who appears to be winning the Republican caucus. I'd never vote for Hillary. I know nothing about Obama. I'll have to check him out if he pushes Hillary out. Did I say I hate politics?

78% John McCain
76% Mitt Romney
75% Mike Huckabee
66% Tom Tancredo
66% Fred Thompson
61% Rudy Giuliani
54% Ron Paul
49% Hillary Clinton
48% Bill Richardson
48% Chris Dodd
47% Barack Obama
43% John Edwards
40% Joe Biden
26% Dennis Kucinich
22% Mike Gravel

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

P.S. I pay so little attention to politics I don't even know who most of these people are. I've never hear of eight of the names above.

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Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

I hate politics too. I am not even voting in the's not like it will matter. I feel like our votes don't really count. Gregoire totally stole the governor's seat... WA sucks sometimes. I'm Republican, but don't really care for any of the candidates. It's not like the Republican candidates matter though...Dems are going to win this year because they are all pledging to pull out of Iraq, and that's what a good portion of the US wants. Also, with the Electoral College System, the popular vote doen't really count anyway...when Al Gore won the popular vote, but Bush won Electoral College and got to be President. Politics right now make me sick to my stomach. I took the quiz and it put me at 65% Hillary Clinton...which is so not going to