Saturday, April 5, 2008


What happens when you take a small-for-his-age 6 year old little boy and give him this kind of day:

9am-10am -- Take him to Home Depot to make a planter box and buy potting soil and flowers for the box.

10:00am-10:45am -- Travel home, change clothes, and eat lunch.

11:00am-12:00pm -- Take regular taekwondo class.

12:00pm-2:00pm -- Sparring (taekwondo) class which includes 45 minutes of intense aerobic workout followed by sparring with various partners. Today was his first sparring class.

2:00pm-2:30pm -- Leave class and travel home.

2:30pm-4:00pm -- Play games on the computer.

4:00pm-5:30pm -- Take dog to the dog park with daddy.

Well, what happens? Do you know?

He eats 4 large slices of pizza for dinner, of course! He was hungry!


Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

I'd be hungry too =)

Suswan said...

Wow! Did you count all your fingers? His fingers? You're sure it was just the pizza that he ate? ;-)

Shadowclaw/Goldenpelt/Ashpaw said...

Mommy. Can you help me. Somebuddy commite on my blog.

Here it is. Kysha